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Why it’s so quiet here

There are a lot of reasons. A) I’m sick of focusing on myself. And blogs – especially writer blogs focused on self promotion (no matter their subject) do that, a lot. Also, so does Facebook. Anyone who knows me on Facebook knows I’ve gone pretty much silent there. B) I’m ...

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Tender Mercies

A couple of weeks ago, I started school online through the Pathway program of BYU-Idaho. I will be honest: I knew that I would learn something but I mostly entered the program so I could matriculate into BYU-I online. It has not turned out to be just a bridge I ...

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Writing in a Journal

I got a journal when I was 12 years old. I didn’t write regularly in it, but enough is there to bring me back to that time and attitude. One entry, March 3, 1984, on the second day of having the flu, started out with this: Today was just as bad ...

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Thoughts on the Parable of the Sower

I get to teach Primary. For non-Mormons, Primary is our organization or ministry, if you will, for children ages 18 months to 12 years. It’s a wonderful calling to have. I love teaching. I really don’t care what age it is, just let me teach. Children can be challenging, but teaching ...

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Pressing Forward

I’ve been a bit hesitant to jump back into this. Even with several posts in my buffer, I’m nervous. Yet I can’t shake the feeling that now is the time. So, here is the re-inaugural post: The lost two years of this blog, when I wrote in it, focused on moving ...

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Hello world! Again!

Okay, it’s still morning, so I can say “Good Morning World!” A new dawn after my blog apocalypse. My dear husband, Vladimir, found an old backup. Our previous provider, very well known, is proving again and again that they just don’t care about their customers. They used to be good, ...

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