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Please excuse my dust

I’m redoing the theme of my blog. It may be messy for a while, especially since I have a lot else on my plate. – Hmmm, the redo of the blog got LOST in the Blog Crash of 2015. So as of April, it’s messy again. Here’s to finding a ...

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The garden plot, finally done

And planted. I worked every day last week for this. Before I committed, I learned that in the beginning it would take about twenty hours a week. Well, that’s if you aren’t working with an old garden plot that needs to be weeded. I have probably spent about forty hours ...

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DNA: the molecular goddess

WOOPS! I have two blogs, and accidentally posted this on here. Well, consider this a sample. If you want to see my other blog about this kind of stuff, please visit me at Molecular Me. In my last post on cell structure, we took a look at cell membranes which ...

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Under the lights

First thing after my workout this morning (2.5 miles run + 20 minutes strength) I came home and put up my grow lights. My setup consisted only of what I had around the house: An unused desk, a couple of extra chairs with good chair backs, an old closet rod, ...

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My seedlings are up!

I saw my first basil seedlings yesterday morning and this morning, I’ve seen my tomatoes! The next step is to put them under some grow lights. I was looking around for a shop light for this purpose, but then Vladimir reminded me that he already had some for our garage ...

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I ate dirt

Well, actually, tasted it. I read that it was what farmers used to do to test pH. It was just a bit sweet, which means my soil is the pH I thought it was: fairly neutral but slightly alkaline. My basil seedlings just germinated! I went to a class today ...

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