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Intercultural Marriage

He’s devestatingly handsome

Intercultural marriage

I’ve been getting a lot of hits about intercultural marriage lately. What is it that you want to know? It’s hard to do. I’ll tell you that much. Sometimes a person doesn’t even know they’re getting into an intercultural marriage, since both might be the same race, income, and education ...

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The Abuse of Russian Women

Recently, I watched part of a Russian documentary on mail order brides with my husband. He told me what the rest of it had shown. My initial reaction when he told me what he was watching was that it would be about how evil America was for exploiting these women. ...

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What’s in a Russian Last Name?

J. Smith That’s the name of the file. Male or female? In English, we would be unable to tell. But in Russian, last names differ by gender. It’s very simple, really. The last name of a female has an “a” added onto it. Anton Chekov was married to Olga Chekova. Boris and Arkady Strugatskys’ ...

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What’s in a Russian Middle Name?

The short answer to that question is: the father’s name. Vladimir was a bit suprised when I introduced my dad. He had assumed that my dad’s name would at least bear some resemblence to my middle name, but the two were completely unrelated. Russians always have a patronymic for the ...

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Ping Pong

I run. My husband plays ping pong. Now, lest you think this is mamsy-pamsy way to exercise, let me inform you that a number of his opponents are Chinese. These men set the bar for the game at Vlad’s office, so that even if he isn’t playing against someone Chinese, ...

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