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Intercultural Marriage

He’s devestatingly handsome

Putting Faces to the Stories

Mother in law snapped this picture when she and Vladimir came back to the car after we attended the Living Traditions Festival (see last paragraph). We were hanging out while they had been talking to some other Russian couple there.  This is my family. I’m a lucky woman.

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On Makeup and Language

I was putting Christopher down to sleep when the new family Vladimir had met arrived. I lay in bed, the baby still nursing, wondering if I should put on makeup before I went down. I even wondered about changing my clothes. Being well dressed and prettied up is important for ...

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Snow Day

Whose sent this guy to work without making sure he was properly dressed?  Uhm, yeah… that would be my guy.  What actually happened is that we saw clouds and maybe a couple of flakes at our house in the southern part of the valley.  It looked deceptively mild.  The Crazy Russian works downtown, which was getting ...

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Sometimes, you don’t want to know.

My first kitchen. I looked around with satisfaction at the tiny room, and then bent down to the box in front of me. I did have a few things I’d acquired when I’d shared a house with five other girls before. I opened up the flaps and took out a ...

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Of Matrioshka Dolls and Apple Pie

When we got married, it was my full intention to make this a bicultural household. I had planned to do this by establishing customs and traditions from Russia into our family. Of course, I didn’t know any. So I asked Vladimir. He didn’t have much to offer. He didn’t remember. ...

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Another foray into the kitchen

I came home from class one night to find Vladimir making dinner. On the stove, spaghetti boiled happily in the Pyrex casserole dish we’d gotten for our wedding. “You can’t cook with that!” I exclaimed. “But you use it in the oven.” “Sure, but not directly on a heat source. ...

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Inaugural Post

After you hear an accent for a while, you forget the speaker has it. To me, there is nothing exotic about a Russian accent. I live with it every day. I married Vladimir in August of 1991. Yeltsin was standing on top of tanks yelling something about a junta while ...

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