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It’s a beautiful life

Wife Writer Mom

***news flash!!!*** I finished. I turned in the manuscript for my book yesterday. I was approached less than five months ago to write it, and now it’s done! What a ride! Well, there are things to do. The book’s website to finish. I need to pitch some articles to magazines ...

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Just a bit of thinking

As I sit here thinking of what to write, and what not to write because this is my professional face, after all, it occurs to me to spin things really hard in one direction. I backed away from that pretty quickly. That leans too close to trying to look to ...

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Geeks rule

Thanks to Jason the transfer went over smoothly. Life right now amounts to “Ami is writing.” and “Ami is a hot geek wife.” and “Ami is being a mom.” and “Because Ami is writing, her house is falling apart and company is coming over tomorrow.” You know, the usual. At ...

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Fairy dreams

As my 3 yr old son woke up this morning he said he wanted to be a fairy. We’d all (his mom and dad and sisters) been fairies in his dream. When I asked him what a fairy was, he said it was someone who had wings, like a dragonfly. ...

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Writing, to do list, and training

Well, I guess we’re in a bit of a blog drought here. Usually inevitable with huge inputs of information coupled with creative outputs. I’ve been thinking heavily about the Fiction Fridays. I’ve been advised they’re a good idea, but since going to Dave’s novel workshop I am in the process of giving my ...

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Fundamental creation

Michael Heller will be awarded the Templeton prize, which is given for “progress towards research or discoveries about spiritual realities”, for his life’s work pursuing the ultimate cause. Reading his statement at the announcement of the prize, I find a kindred spirit: “…I am interested in too many things.  Amongst my ...

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