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It’s a beautiful life

Decade cleaning

I’ve discovered the mystery of where lost socks and pens go. The closets of ten year olds.  With possibilities looming, we are cleaning out. Going through boxes. I’m getting rid of my fabric. Everything but the black skirt I started. I had two sewing machines. I’ll be parting with one of them. I’m also getting rid of ...

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Writers of the Future

Last night, I got a call. My husband answered it and gave the phone to me with a look that said, “I have no idea who this is.” It turned out that the story I submitted there last quarter has just been made honorable mention! Yay!  And now, because they have an ...

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Work and play

I just finished an article for a magazine that was a huge challenge. I had to fit lots of instruction in a very exact format with not just an overall limit on words, but many steps each with their own word count limit, with a two week deadline.  While I get ...

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President Hinckley passes on

My sister just emailed me. I hadn’t watched the news in the last two hours, and so I ‘missed’ the report of the death of the prophet. I don’t think we could classify this event as sad. It is simply a time of change. As David G. from the Juvenile Instructor said, “The prophet is ...

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Run through the cold, clear morning

This morning, when I looked out the window there was some quality about the sunshine that said “Get out here and run!” It was still below freezing, so I slathered on the moisturizer and layered up the clothing. Couldn’t find a hat, so I folded a fleece scarf in half, wrapped ...

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