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Volunteering and Phiilanthropy

Bill Gates

I have liked Bill Gates for quite a while now. He was a true geek: excited about what he did. Occasionally stepped on some toes. But when he really grew up and then found himself a billionaire he started doing what we all wish we could do. This stunt was ...

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Iraq: Stay

I haven’t read what Orson Scott Card had to say about recent developments until today. Let’s just say I’ve been sleeping, too frustrated with the incoming information, to eager in some cases to be thought well of by people who I like and even sleep with. My husband is swayed by anti-American ...

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Power Charity

William Buffet donated 31 billion dollars to the Gate’s Foundation. That’s a lot of money.  In total, he donated about 37.4 billion dollars – 85% of his total worth which is 44 billion. But with 6.6 billion dollars left, the guy still has so much money that he could live ...

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