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Fiction Friday 6

Golwin had to wait for a full eleven days, the finishing of this week and then another, before going to the primary soldier barracks, for youths from their ninth years through their twelth. At ten, he wouldn’t be the youngest, but would still be young enough to gain lots of training before ...

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Fiction Friday 5

Golwin sat at attention on a chair in the patio. It was the same one his father had sat in years ago, and like his father, he watched a game of map strategy, but it was still Golwin’s future in the balance.  “Why haven’t you put this boy in the ...

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Coming soon

Deep deep apologies for the lack of a Fiction Friday yesterday. I got caught up in the cleaning job and didn’t realize until my head hit the pillow after midnight that I had, after all, neglected the Fiction Friday. I have just done a bit of world building to understand what will ...

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Friday Fiction 4

“Peter” only received one prophecy in his life, but it was enough so that when the herald’s cries of “Kuzdu!” came down the street, he did not have to run around the library, panicking about which scrolls to save for the generations to come and which ones should never be ...

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Almost published again

I have just found out that one of my stories has been set aside for further consideration at a pro magazine! No matter what happens from here, I consider that a good sign. It says “Keep on writing, it is worth it for you.” I may not be able to ...

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Fiction Friday 3

After Feren left, John trudged back into the house, reluctant to confront the grief of the child. Instead, he found Golwin at the table in the kitchen. Cook had fed him a seed cake. He’d have to remember to thank the servant who took Golwin into the house. John sat ...

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