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Mature for her age

A teacher has recently told this to me about my 13 year old daughter, in what he intended as a compliment. And I’m happy to take it that way. I remember an adult telling me I was mature for my age when I was about 14. Great, I thought. Doesn’t ...

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First impressions of a really new school

So after some inspiration from my sister, Tonya, I enrolled my eleven year old daughter into a charter school. Her friend situation at the other school wasn’t the best, and I felt lukewarm about both the teachers and the principal who seemed less supportive of the accelerated program my daughter ...

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Fairy dreams

As my 3 yr old son woke up this morning he said he wanted to be a fairy. We’d all (his mom and dad and sisters) been fairies in his dream. When I asked him what a fairy was, he said it was someone who had wings, like a dragonfly. ...

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Intercultural marriage

I’ve been getting a lot of hits about intercultural marriage lately. What is it that you want to know? It’s hard to do. I’ll tell you that much. Sometimes a person doesn’t even know they’re getting into an intercultural marriage, since both might be the same race, income, and education ...

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The nitty gritty work of it

I am sitting here wondering whether or not to move into another character’s point of view (a new chapter, all in that person’s POV) or not. There are just a whole lot of ways this would change the book, so my question to myself is will it make the book ...

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