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Japanese short stay students

We have a student visiting us from Japan right now. We’ve had several in the past. This one is the same age as my middle daughter. Cultural differences between our society and Japans are very real. In some ways, the Japanese way of raising kids makes hosting them easy for us. None of our students ...

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Expectations for kids

Had my writing group yesterday, after a long winter haitus. Very good stuff came out from there. Got the short story I recently finished thoroughly thrashed and I’m very excited at how improved it will be as a result. Also, during the course of the conversation we talked about how ...

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Snow, treacherous snow

A frozen, white ocean stretches across my front window. Roiling waves break against the cement, frothing up into dirty chunks of snow and ice. Wednesday, the storm hit during the commute. My oldest comes home from school on the city bus. She had called to ask me to come pick her up. I ...

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And today I spent over an hour shoveling snow

Of course, I wired myself up so I could count it as a workout. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this hour was the second time the snow had to be shovelled today. Vlad did it the first time before he left.  I’m in an odd place right now. It’s an exciting place, ...

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The gym blues

I might have to postpone this triathlon thing.  Before Christmas I had been going to the gym, but I have a 90 minute cap at the gym, with my little one in the playroom. The last few weeks I took him there, he was giving me a lot of resistance. ...

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The Abuse of Russian Women

Recently, I watched part of a Russian documentary on mail order brides with my husband. He told me what the rest of it had shown. My initial reaction when he told me what he was watching was that it would be about how evil America was for exploiting these women. ...

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