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Creepy Crawlies, Anyone?

You aren’t getting my babies, I thought when I first saw the wasp flying around our bedroom. I caught it with a glass on the window and let it outside. I was not particularly concerned. After all, it isn’t unusual for an insect to get in the house. A couple ...

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No, no, no…

With the milestone of crawling, comes a different milestone in parenting: telling baby “No.” No, at this stage, is typically shorthand for: “Don’t eat the remote.” “Don’t eat that book.” “Don’t eat that grody cheerio.” “Don’t eat that… ?? half dead wasp!!”

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Of Matrioshka Dolls and Apple Pie

When we got married, it was my full intention to make this a bicultural household. I had planned to do this by establishing customs and traditions from Russia into our family. Of course, I didn’t know any. So I asked Vladimir. He didn’t have much to offer. He didn’t remember. ...

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Another foray into the kitchen

I came home from class one night to find Vladimir making dinner. On the stove, spaghetti boiled happily in the Pyrex casserole dish we’d gotten for our wedding. “You can’t cook with that!” I exclaimed. “But you use it in the oven.” “Sure, but not directly on a heat source. ...

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Inaugural Post

After you hear an accent for a while, you forget the speaker has it. To me, there is nothing exotic about a Russian accent. I live with it every day. I married Vladimir in August of 1991. Yeltsin was standing on top of tanks yelling something about a junta while ...

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