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Power Charity

William Buffet donated 31 billion dollars to the Gate’s Foundation. That’s a lot of money.

 In total, he donated about 37.4 billion dollars – 85% of his total worth which is 44 billion. But with 6.6 billion dollars left, the guy still has so much money that he could live richly off just .1% interest, which would be 6.6 million dollars a year. Read the entire article to see what he says about money going to the next generation. Interesting.

 At that level of rich, money becomes just a game that is almost impossible to lose. These people will never struggle with the bills, let alone face starvation. They have all the power they need to make themselves comfortable. The acquisition of more loses it’s savor. Don’t you think that what was once exciting high stakes competition becomes just a little pointless?

So what does the successful entrepreneur do then?

Charity donation is the next level to that game. There are lots of challenges in high power philanthropic work. You can’t just throw money anywhere – there are scams and crooked governments. There are hard diseases that need a cure. There are billions of people that need education to make themselves independent. It’s a tough playground. Can you handle it?

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  1. I bought some girl scout cookies. Does that count?

    It’s not just the richest people on the planet that do this. Even in this little rinky, dink town, the richest guy in town makes a big deal (with the town newspaper there) about making a huge yearly donation to the city’s foundation. So, even the big fish in the small pond needs the ego stroked once in a while.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Thought I would do the same.

  2. Actually, I do want to talk about the smaller charity donating too. For instance, there are places where you can donate a cow to a family. And there are microloans that you can participate in, where someone is loaned say, 100 dollars to buy a sewing machine and some fabric.

    I’ll go into more detail in a different post.

  3. Seems as though one might gain more personal satisfaction in the long run if the power donation were to go unnamed….

    For those of us who are too broke to donate much of anything of monetary worth, what about donating a smile to someone having a bad day? Never know, it might just be the encouragement they need to keep going with that idea they’ve been working on they will become the next Bill Gates and create their own foundation….

  4. Smiles are the bread and butter of charity.

    In some ways, with that kind of power charity, it doesn’t bother me that they plant their name all over it. Sure, it is a lesser form of charity.

    But it is still money spent on humanitarian efforts. These are the high stakes players, remember. They are playing a game, and in order to win the game, being known for what they’ve done is almost always part of it. It is also leadership: an example so that those future Bill Gates you helped bring into being by being kind see those power players and realize that humanitarianism is the ultimate level of the money game.

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