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Story Idea

I had a bit of a wierd thought come at me tonight while walking the baby.

It seemed kind of out of the blue and odd, though I can piece together where it came from – a waking dream kind of thought, I guess.

But it gave me an idea for a story, and I’ll freely share it here. Think of it as a teaser for a story I haven’t written yet. Maybe I should write it, idea formation, draft and all, on here… You know, a kind of ‘behind the scenes’ of story creation.

What if there were some kind of primal psychic scream, with an actual sentence, that every person on this planet heard at the same time?

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  1. Mmm-I can see lots of possibilities with this idea. What language? An ancient one? An entirely new one that people instinctively understood. Who makes the scream? The soul of the planet? God? Does this unite the religions? Unite the nations? Lead to the discovery of aliens living among us?

    Yes, definite possibilities.

  2. Interesting idea….but what would it say? You could go so many ways with this idea depending on what it says, when it says it, the situation you build up before the scream, and on and on. Maybe you should encourage all who read your post to write a story and submit it to you. Have a contest maybe? With a prize for the best story, the youngest writer, the oldest writer, most creative, wierdest spin….oh it could be fun!

  3. Cool. Now write the sucker!

    p.s. I’m in with Mom’s idea 🙂

  4. interesting. how about a primal chord, the scream might be too freaky. i was thinking something similar actually with all the lightning here tonight…

  5. I’m not sure I have enough audience to actually have a contest… but why not?

    What is so cool is you have all had such different awesome questions and musings. So many different stories could come of it, and I would love to read them all.

    So who is up for it?

  6. I’ve already started my story. 🙂

  7. Can I just write about you all writing a story??? Hmmm, maybe I’ll get my kids to write it and then claim it as my own. Just kidding.

    Oh…”now write the sucker…” Maybe that could be your prize…a sucker…just kidding again. I need to get off your blog and do something else I think. LOL

  8. OSC explored the idea in sort of a reverse fashion in The Worthing Saga, when Jason Worthing’s descendants decided to cease dampening the pain of others and let the natural cries of pain and frustration ring out unanswered.

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