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News of the Blog

First of all, Shinga from Breath Spa for Kids is hosting this week’s Pediatric Grand Rounds. She did a really fantastic job in organizing it all. I’m heading there now to check things out.

Second of all, I’m going to soon be opening up a more comprehensive website that has my actual name on it, so that I can promote my writing. Those of you who know my actual name, don’t bother going there right now, it is currently my mad testing playground. Which means it looks boring and doesn’t work.

Third, I’ve given in to my heathen brain and started another blog. Why? For a long time I’ve wanted to talk about life, the universe, and things that don’t exist, but didn’t feel it appropriate to this one, which is supposed to have a stronger emphasis on writing.

And fourth: I will officially open up a writing contest based on my story idea, and there will be a prize. I haven’t written a cool book like Dr. Charles to give away, but I’ll think of something. Details coming soon.

Speaking of Dr. Charles and contests, his tomato contest is moving right along quite well, for some people. At this point, I have no tomatoes on my dear little plants, but they have just had a huge growth spurt and sprouted out a few blossoms. I didn’t plant any early girls, so that is okay. I had never planted lettuce or carrots before. I have three carrots, and two lettuces. Hah! After hearing of this pitiful yield, my mom had mercy on me and taught me the board trick that has been passed down for generations. These seedlings shouldn’t get crusted dirt over them before they germinate. Since that is gosh darn close to impossible here, one puts a board over where the seedlings are until they sprout, a couple of weeks. I’ll tell you how that goes next month. Oh, and the summer squash is cool to watch – the leaves follow the sun through the day. The batteries ran down in my camera, I’ll get some pictures up a little later.

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  1. I have two tomatoes as big as my fist and they are starting to turn yellow. If I take pictures of my tomatoes for you to use in Dr Charles’ tomato growing contest will that earn me extra points in the story contest? evil laugh aside mom

  2. i would love for your mom to enter the contest, and you’re still in the running as long as you get a picture up by october. good luck with the writing contest, if i have time i’ll enter, but things are busy. happy 4th!

  3. I peeked. I know, I’m week.

  4. OK. I peeked too! (Like you thought I wouldn’t!?)

    OH… if you want a nifty little plugin that will automatically rotate images from a file on your new blog, let me know. I’m sure Fuul can tell me where to find it! (I know its here on my system somewhere, but since I’m using his old laptop, and its still inundated with all his stuff… well, sometimes finding my things is a challenge!)

    Good luck with the tomatoes… I’m trying to figure out how to get the weeds to quit growing in my flower gardens (which are pathetically bare, sigh) without my having to do anything to them. (I know, I’m dreaming!)

  5. Hmmm…it all sounds fun…although mom passed down the board trick to me as well (and here in Washington we have a tendancy to be more moist) I still only sprouted a handful of carrots. But mom also passed on the info that Wal-mart seeds are not great quality, although the info came after I purchased a lot of those cheap little ten-cent packages. I did plant tomato, summer, zuchinni and Walla-walla onion starts and they are all going bizurk…as is my plethora of lettuce. And corn…mmm, I’m getting hungry now.

    Oh…I haven’t peeked…yet.

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