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Fun with Words

This was an exercise from Ursula K. LeGuinn’s “Steering the Craft”. It’s called Being Gorgeous. The idea is to play around with sound, but don’t use rhyme or meter.


Slippery synthetic syncopated symbol swims sideways.  So sophisticated.  Such sophistry.  Serendipity sings silently in this surreal sojourn. 

Life?  Sliced slyly, ever so carefully.  Question caution. Don’t caution questions.   Curiosity created colonies of words in books. 

Big balloons bumble bluely by. 

Oh boy, I like soy.  Roy drank soy, or so he said.  The boy won’t slurp it now.

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  1. bluely?

    And why will Roy no longer slurp soy?

  2. Bold blathering begets blundering bull.

    Roy was coy. It was merely a ploy to be a word toy.

  3. Holly’s Harley really mauled me.

    I cheated. I rhymed. I cried. I owned.  So I stop and plop. (Alas! You see how I struggle, but the rhymes, they just pop.) I plot the utterance of affected writing.


  4. It may be esoterically said that Roy stopped soy to estop the internalized estrogen that estranged him from his esteemed spouse.

    Maybe. Meandering at meals may make the man’s mind mushy as silly slithering sluts slink silently, slyly, slowly.

  5. Hey! Nice picture! Nice new look. 🙂

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