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Virginia Tech

An opinion about politics, that is all I wrote about what happened at Virginia Tech. I was as guilty of my accusation yesterday as anyone else.

But then, I have no idea what to say.

“It is horrible and meaningless.”

That goes without saying, doesn’t it? Hardly comforting.

“Pray for them”

I’m not anyone’s spiritual or religious authority, so I have no right.

“I’m praying for them.”

Now I’m just bragging. And so far, all this post is about what I think, me, me, me. Who cares about that.

There is no amount of indignation, horror, anger, worry, or anxiety that can help anyone affected by this. Goodwill isn’t going to help much either, if it isn’t acted on. So what to do?

I don’t know yet. Nurture your family and friends and do good to those that despitefully use you. Maybe for this particular event, there isn’t a way to help, but look for opportunities to serve and/or don’t diss the opportunities you may already have.

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  1. Did someone give you a hard time about what you wrote? I thought it was a natural reaction, as was my post about it.

  2. I think that any blog kind of has to be at the very least a tiny bit self centered since you are the one writing it. How could you not interject a bit of yourself into what you post? That is the nature of the blog.

    I tagged you by the way. Come on by and have a look.

  3. Sarabeth,

    I’m pretty good very talented at giving my own self a hard time. My original post was a natural reaction, and I still agree with what I said. But so is this. Grieving and anger take on different shapes at different times.

    Awesome Mom,

    Blogs are personal, I suppose, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable being completely personal on mine. Go figure. Thanks for the tag.

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