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It doesn’t pay to care

I’m writing a couple of stories about a couple of great teachers who’ve won some awards for their efforts. One of them is retiring from the district after 30 years. But that doesn’t mean she can stop. The pension is not enough to live on and she needs insurance, so she will be going to work at another school district.

It is a great blemish on our society that our teachers aren’t paid enough to support a family and that after a lifetime of awarding winning service to our children, they can’t even afford to retire.

Our society doesn’t value humane endeavors, especially ones where kids are concerned. Moms who choose the stay at home are made to feel as if they are wasting their life. (More on that later. I know I’m years late, but that woman pushed all the wrong buttons.) Teachers are degraded by the parents whose kids often need the most help. They face years of not getting raises, loads of paperwork, and decreasing benefits. Primary care physicians and especially pediatricians are the lowest paid doctors.

What is wrong with us?

Disclaimer: This is my opinion. Get your own. (I’ll be putting this up if I express an opinion about something I’ve written in the newspaper.)  (edit: But maybe in a nicer way. I don’t know. I’ll figure this all out.)

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  1. Oh, heavens. I remember that article. Why is it that women cannot support each other in whatever they choose for whatever reason? Why are we so pissy? Do men demean the stay at home dads?

    Teachers–my mother left teaching to become an administrator. The pay was better. She’s still worried about retirement.

  2. My mom worked most of our lives because my dad who is a teacher did not earn enough to fully support the family. She was looked down upon by certain members of the ward even though she was the one with the best behaved kids.

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