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Silly buzz words

Encountered this repeatedly in a job description.

 Bleeding edge technologies? Oh please. Sometimes buzz words just really irritate me. I mean, how did the leading edge start to blead? Did we rip it off to create a new edge? Doesn’t that mean we’ve gone back a little in technology? 

Or maybe it is so new and/or ineptly put together that trying to work with it raises our blood pressure so much that we get nosebleeds.

How about fleeting edge technologies. That means that there is this really cool, awesome, and very expensive bit of software that the company has been convinced it needs. Within two years the software is dead and there is no support.

Or maybe breeding edge technologies. You know, viruses and spam and such.

Oh, I don’t have enough time to make up a whole bunch. That would be clever of me, though, wouldn’t it?

We all know what leading edge technology means. Trying to invent and/or use a word that supposedly makes it even more powerful just weakens it and makes the user seem like a wannabe.

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  1. Bleeding edge comes from cutting edge, not leading edge.

  2. Hmmm. I had forgotten about cutting edge. Thank you for the correction.

    I’ll stand by my pronouncing “bleeding edge” as wannabe, though. Why?

    We cut materials to shape them, to create. In this case, cutting edge means it is so new it not even quite finished. We all have experienced this with ‘cutting edge’ technology. There are often quirks that haven’t been worked out yet.

    But bleeding edge again, denotes wounding. People and animals only bleed when they are damaged. You don’t cut living beings to make something out of them, except food. If you want to bring surgery into this, then you are either fixing something wrong, sterilizing a person, or faking them up (plastic surgery). None of those are exactly positive for technology.

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