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Siblings, the age gap, growing older together or not…

Looking at a picture of some of my children that included my nearly oldest (nearly 15) and my youngest who is 2, I realized that he would view this picture in later years as one with someone who was part of his early childhood. My daughter will be going to college, etc when he is around 6 years old.

She will have had a childhood full of her brother and sisters, except her first 28 months. He will watch his sisters leave him behind, one by one, until around the age of 11, when he will become the only child at home. Of course, maybe they’ll stay home while they are at college if it is local and they’ll visit. Of course the siblings will keep up a relationship. But they will be adults while he is a child.

In a lot of ways he is an oldest all over, or maybe an only child while having had more mothers than a child really needs. Can’t get away with anything. OTOH, we attribute some of his mad early learning skillz to tons of interaction. When someone is tired, there is always someone else.

He does recognize my 9 year old as the sibling that needs to be rivaled with, though. I wonder what will happen when they are the only two at home?


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  1. That is how my husband’s family is. They had the first four pretty quick and then there was a big gap and the last two came along. I think that my husband’s eldest brother was around 15 when the youngest brother was born. The youngest brother has been an only child for many years and essentially grew up very differently than the elder four kids.

  2. It’s hard for me to imagine having siblings and not being close to them. There are four in my family and we are all pretty close in age, so I always just think of us as a unit; having had the same experience of family. But even with us some of the rules and experiences changed from the time we older two were teenagers to the time the younger two became teenagers. But for me the real surprise, since we’ve all basically grown up, has been noticing some of the differences in our perspectives on growing up, just due to different personalities; things I just assumed they felt the same way about as me when we were kids.

    I appreciated your comments the other day. Life is all about growing, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. hey, ami! (nice blog.) it is interesting how the dynamics of a family changes so much as time goes on. i was the oldest. i left home when my youngest sib was 7. she went to high school as the only sib at home for much of the time. she doesn’t share any of my childhood memories. it’s weird, but we’re still pretty tight.

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