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Jam the airwaves!


I have a short fiction piece out to a magazine. I just watched a TV show tonight, Eureka, in which a character has a very similar theme going.

I feel so derivative.

Yeah, that is me feeling sorry for myself, but it is also me knowing that there is a very good chance this means the story is unsellable in the major markets.

I have a novel idea from this short story. That grand epic has enough difference that the similarity doesn’t really matter any more. But the short, which is only the nugget of a beginning, may suffer.

But back to a point. I rarely watch TV. I really don’t want to write something that is so common it is on TV. But how am I supposed to do that? And now onto the other problem: reading. If there is anything a writer must do, it is read books and stories. I feel so out of touch. There are so many things I simply don’t have time to read. Bah, this is frustrating.

Goes back to hug the comforting non-fiction she is reading and writing.

Dang. My story is 5 years old. Too bad I wasn’t a good enough writer then to figure out how to fix it.

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