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So a couple of posts back I whined that my story, “Quantum Genesis” had become derivative after I wrote it but before I’ve gotten it published. It was out to Analog, and it got rejected this week. Not surprised. It probably got rejected that much later after the episode aired only because it hadn’t been read yet. These guys get something like 800 manuscripts a month and have a stated return time of 4 weeks! Kudos. But you know… The last couple things I sent them came back in like 2 weeks. This took longer almost the 4 weeks in fact. Wonder if that means it got farther along? I don’t know. I’ve never received a personal rejection from these guys, and I have from every other editor.

So I went to grab an envelope to send it out tomorrow. Then a couple of things came to mine. The post I mentioned, and the critique I recieved from Writer’s of the Future that this story was really, really great and would have made finalist had it not had a quantum entanglement theme. And it suddenly hits me. A subtle change in the fictional science, and it’s not quantum entanglement. And it is way better than before.

Oh man! I have been working on this story for five years. Okay, make that three years because two of those years I was in happy mommy land. I’m always very content and creative in a lot of other ways, but not writing. Wierd. Anyway… Ollie, a writer friend of mine, has rightly begged me to stop fixing it. I want to! I really do. But now I can’t send it out. It is possible, it really is, that it may be only a few sentences of fixing. The last fix involved removing about 3 pages. Cathartic.

Possibilities. Send story out as is and fix it in novel. Or fix story. If it is only a few sentences, then I really can’t leave it.

In other news: Two draft chapters of the refractive surgery book are finished, but I need to go over them. I’m not sure if I want to go through them or work on the next chapter I’ll be sending out with my proposal, the one about LASIK. After that chapter, I’ll work on the proposal. This is taking a long time, because really I am a mom before I am a writer. But it is just like when I started walking, then running, losing 50 lbs, and keeping it off now for almost two years. Discipline. Do it nearly every day, even if only a few minutes, if only a bit of research gets done or a couple of sentences get written. It does add up.

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  1. Do you mean that quantum entanglement is derivative? Derivative of what?

    Oh, and if you can ‘fix’ whatever the problem was in a few lines, then by all means. But don’t tarry. Slap on a bandaid and send it out.

    p.s. I’m so jealous of your semi-final critique. So very jealous. *sigh*

  2. The story line that involves and autistic and what happened to that autistic is what is derivative. I jumped up after I watched that and pointed at the TV and yelled “That’s my story!”

    Ask Vladimir.

    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement! I did dive back into the story and discovered that after my eureka moment the fix was fantatsicly easy and the story is now back on another editor’s desk.

    Edmund rejected it because it didn’t fit the style of the magazine, but added some praise and suggested the second venue I sent it to.

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