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For the first time

All of my short stories are out looking for a home now. Okay, the last one I just taped up in it’s envelope. But it’s ready to go.

I need a break from my refractive surgery book, so I’m going to write a short story. I am almost overwhelmed by the possibilities in character, setting, etc. But the plot is eluding me. That’s why I’m going to bed.

I call it tummy time. I’m not sure why, but my brainstorming seems to work best in a dark room on my tummy. In our last house we had the perfect room for this. It was our media room, so it could be completely darkened and it was right next to the computer room. I would come to a stuck part and go into the room. Vovka used to think I was sleeping, and I’d say “No, I’m working”. In fact, I was working really hard. I would fall asleep sometimes, but that would be okay. Any dreaming I’d do was soaked in my story, and I’d often wake up with the answer.

I do good editing on my tummy too.

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