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Ami gets published

Hello world, and Happy New Year!

It has begun well, with my first published short story! You can find it at www.allegoryezine.com. It’s a great magazine, and an honor to have begun my published career with it. Junk Drawer, my story, is actually the first one I wrote as an adult seriously writing to be published. So to have it also be the first one published is somewhat, well, really really cool.

The short story I’m currently writing is also going well, though it has been stalled by the work I’ve been doing over at Geekatplay. But I finally broke through the plot arc and the details are coming out. I really like this world. Another interesting bit about this short story is that it is the first one I haven’t speed written; gotten finished within 2-3 days of beginning it. This new experience in writing is showing me that taking a little time during the writing phase can reduce the time of the editing phase. I’m solving problems before they present themselves to my fellow writers in the critique group first.

So, when the short story is done: on editing out what I’ve finished with the refractive surgery book and on to another chapter.

And I think I need to set up a website to develop my platform. Which means learning some site admin software, and getting husband to make a great design for me.

I’ve just spent nearly a week an a half with my family at home, and I must admit I love it that way. I’m a bit suprised, since often I’ve been relieved when weekends were over but I think it is that rather than trying to stuff as much into the weekend as possible, making it the hardest time of the week for me, we just hung out. Did stuff together and apart. There was no rush. Very nice.

So into the year I come, back into the rush, ready.

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  1. congrats, ami, that’s really exciting!

  2. That was a neat story, I really liked it. Congrats!

  3. Woohoo! I just reread it. smiles Great job!!!

  4. Terrific story! Looking forward to reading more of your work, you definitely have some serious talent.

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