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Fender Bender

Well, yesterday some poor kid hit my car. I was driving down the road and moving into the turn lane. She wanted to turn left, to go to a gas station on the corner, and a nice but unthinking driver had signaled her to go in front of their car, which was stopped at the traffic light and had some cars behind it. She did not creep through like a mouse and look both ways, but took fast advantage of it, moving right in front of my car. I had no idea someone had left a gap in that lane and was signalling cars to go through.

Of course, the ‘nice’ person leaving the gap and signalling to let her through disappeared.

This same thing, but the other side happened to my husband ten years ago. Someone signalled him to go through their lane of traffic so that he could turn in to a parking lot. So he did, and got hit. And it was his fault.

Some entrances are poorly placed near intersections, and can’t help it if it is a small pad like a gas station. I detest making a left hand turn into them. I’m not being rude when I don’t leave a gap to let someone through. It may be frustrating to wait, but it is safer.  

Thankfully no one got hurt. We’ll have to replace the front bumper (there is no fixing it) but otherwise the car is okay. The other car seemed to have gotten less damage than our car. Still, it was this girl’s first car. Probably her first fender bender, too. Hopefully her last and my last too.

Too many teenagers driving around this area. I just saw a kid rear end a guy this morning while taking middle school girl to school. Two teenagers on our street have recently had collisions too. My oldest daughter turns 16 next year. *starts to look scared*

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  1. Now that is a scary thought. I did not cause an accident until I was in my early 20s. My first accident that I did not cause was when I was in my teens. Luckily my mom was with me or I would have really panicked. I am glad that you are ok and your car is mostly ok.

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