The gym blues

I might have to postpone this triathlon thing. 

Before Christmas I had been going to the gym, but I have a 90 minute cap at the gym, with my little one in the playroom. The last few weeks I took him there, he was giving me a lot of resistance. There were bigger kids in there bullying, and he was not allowed to go to the quiet place where coloring, books and a train track was (and bullies weren’t) because he was not yet 3. And I watched him on the monitor being ignored by the adults when he was trying to communicate. And he kept on getting sick, almost constantly. I’m not afraid of colds in kids, but contrary to popular belief, getting a lot of colds in a daycare situation doesn’t give extra immunity to colds. Cold viruses mutate too fast. So it just means being sick a lot.

I watched my happy, independent kid get clingy and sad, and with a constant goopy nose and sore throat. Workouts started to feel selfish to me.

Christmas vacation came right about that time, with all the big kids and husband home, so my little one didn’t go. Colds stopped. He got happier. He played independently more.  And a few days later he is in the middle of a major growth spurt. Coincidence or was he unable to have that growth spurt because he was spending too much energy fighting colds?

Anyway, upside is I’m not taking him back to the ‘play place’. Not until he is three, at least. Then I will see if he likes it or not.

Taxi duties for the other kids keep me unable to do early morning. (I start taking my oldest at 6 in the morning, and another at 7 in the morning, but must get back before husband takes last one to school) Work duties keep me unable to do it after school.

I have a very low end stationary bike at home. I have been using that. But no long runs, or rides.

Vladimir got me this cool heart rate monitor for Christmas, with a data recorder. I can upload my workouts to the computer, with the heart rate. When I can get outside (when temperatures become livable) I will have speed and distance too. So right now my workouts have a lot of dips in the heart rate.

I get up my workout graph and point out to my husband: This is when so and so called. This is when I had to help little one. Someone else called. etc. It is kind of cool, and funny.

I know in the warmer months my training will go much better, but I’m still not sure I can get the long hours in I’m going to really need. Not that and write the two books planned for this year. And continue helping my husband get his business off the ground. Speaking of which, it is going very well. I’m very proud of him. If Vladimir does come home, I will be able to devote more time to my tri training.

But here is the upside. Even if I don’t tri this year, I’m still in great shape and I will still have that goal to keep me there. And that is what is really important.

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