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The gap in my posting

I guess I just started up again, like I hadn’t left a huge 6 week gap in my posting. For a while, in fact, I had thought that maybe I was going to leave off blogging completely. This was the it. My site would, until I needed the intense fan/author interface when I got published, become just another dead end place in the blogosphere. 

I stopped blogging, not even lurking on othe blogs, because I had very little time. Combine starting a new business with the Christmas season and things get crazy. Oh yeah, and the short story I was writing. Almost finished.

Plus, I was all written out (at least as far as opinions go). Didn’t feel like I had much to say. That happens sometimes.

Now that I finished the tutorial project I was working on (other than my regular weekly transcribe/narrate work) I have a few inches of time. And these days, I’m thinking of things that I want to say. Usually to interesting people who don’t happen to be around. Like you.

Today, I worked for six hours on a 32 minute tutorial. This kind of work is long, and tedious, and not really fun, to be honest. I do have to admit I learn something though, and I guess I’m now technically something of an expert about Vue. I have ideas of cool scenes I can do. My new blog banner was a very simple project I did in Vue. I’m even thinking about mapping out the fantasy world for my novel in Vue. It’s already in my head, and to have a real 3D model of it… that would be cool and probably inspire my description.

But back to the point. The transcribe, narrate stuff is hard, boring work. I never did that kind of thing well. But this kind of work is fueling our business, which is growing nicely. And I’ve finally, in the past few years, figured something out. The game. Just because I know it, can do it, doesn’t mean jack if I don’t actually do it. Doesn’t benefit anyone, unless I actually do it.

I was once given a dollhouse kit when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I never finished it. The school counselor, who I was going to on a weekly basis at the time, asked me why I didn’t finish the project. I didn’t know. Now I think I do. I had put together the super structure of it, and that was the fun and challenging part. The rest of it was boring to put together. Plus a bit frustrating since what I put together wasn’t quite as good as the picture. Also, my room was a mess and I had lost a few pieces. And then I would have to paint it. But after that, I would need to furnish it and that would cost money we didn’t have. So I lost interest and never did finish it.

Okay, so there were a few other reasons. But the biggest one is that, once I knew I could put a million shingles on the roof and shutters on the windows it became boring. At school, there were math drills, and book reports, and the required reading of textbooks that managed to suck the life out of it everything, and the silly worksheets we had to do to prove we had read those same textbooks. So what. Why were they making me do this stupid stuff? I aced every test. Wasn’t that enough? Wasn’t the object of school to learn? After I learned a thing why did they have to keep on pestering me about it?

In some ways I think that is still true. I think the school system did, in fact, let me down a great deal.

But now that I’m older, I’ve learned something else. No one will do the boring stuff for you just so your light can shine, unless you can afford to pay them a lot of money. And the boring stuff, it has to get done before I can ace the calculus test, make a tutorial that is fun for everyone, lose the weight and become fit, or before that novel is finished. Wish I’d known that to the point of applying it when I was a teen.

Also, today, I’d like to say that 2 Nephi Chapter 2 is one of the coolest chapters in scripture. I think I’m going to wear my yin/yang pendant to church tomorrow.

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  1. I am glad that you are back. I think my not wanting to apply myself in school really has affected my adult life. I am enjoying being a mom, but I also wish that I could finish my degree so that I will have a piece of paper saying that I have accomplished something of value to the outside world.

    I think that 2 Nephi chapter 2 is really neat also.

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