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It seems there really is some junkfood in Sandy’s science.

Nearly a year ago I posted something about Sandy Szwarc at Junkfood Science. As the months rolled by, my reservations grew. I started seeing her doing a lot of out of context quoting, leaving important information out of her analyses that would have contradicted her argument. But all the family docs and medbloggers I respected seemed to like her, because she does have an important point: This culture is really harsh towards people who are overweight.

But she neglects to talk about other quality of life issues that obese people face that have nothing to do with how people treat them. Knees and other joints that become injured, back pain, etc. because the human skeleton wasn’t built to sustain that kind of weight. Of course, a doctor must treat these kinds of problems with compassion and empathy. There is a lot of history that comes with that kind of weight, and assumptions shouldn’t be made nor should judgement be passed. But here is another fact: whatever treatment there is, isn’t likely to help a lot or permanently until the stress on the joint is reduced.

Finally, I found someone who agrees with my assessment. I almost published a similar post once about a different study she butchered a few months ago, but didn’t have time to finish it properly.

Once again, I’m going to tsk Sandy for not allowing comments on her site. I realize there would be a lot of garbage comments, but not allowing legitimate scrutiny of her statements, what is essentially peer review in the blogosphere, harms her credibility.

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