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Now I’m really wired into fitness

Actually, it’s mostly wireless. Except the ipod.

50 minutes today with that ipod (finished a book), my HR monitor strap, HR watch, and the data recorder on the stationary bike. Then some stretching.

Okay. This heart rate monitor thing is more awesome than I thought it would be. During the workout, the data recorder picks up the data from the strap. Then, when I’m finished with my workout, I simply hook this recorder up to my computer and my workout is logged in. Right now, I need to enter distance and speed since I’m on a stationary in the house. But automatically, my minutes and heart rate are all logged in. There are several graphs I can look at comparing weekly distance, time, etc. So no only is this helping me train smarter with the monitor but it keeps my history too! When I’m outside running and biking this spring, the GPS monitor will keep track of speed and distance, automatically recorded during my workout.

I kind of wish I could go running outside now. But my drama queen skin tends to have tantrums that takes weeks to calm down if it is exposed to the cold too much. Don’t yet have a pair of gloves good enough for that long. One if these days, there will be a convergence of non-ice or snow packed roads, temps above 35-40, adults being home, and me having time. Then I’m testing this GPS device thingy.

It’s times like these when I miss the Northwest.

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  1. so you want to run or bike in the rain??? hehe

  2. I understand the feeling. I love running year round, rain or shine. Although I used to run during the Idaho winters in high school, I don’t know if I’d be up to running outside now if it was 20 degrees and we had the type of winter “haze” that you get there.

    One of my funnest runs this past year was on a business trip to Seattle where I stayed at a hotel where Runners World had prepared some course suggestions for travelers to the area. I grabbed a map, my GPS watch and headed out the door right as one of the biggest rain storms of last year hit. People in Seattle are pretty used to rain, but I was the only runner out and got some strange looks as I gleefully hopped out of my way into puddles (figured I was already soaked, why not). It took two days of rack drying and some hair dryer use to dry my shoes.

  3. Hit send before I meant to.

    I was going to add that I have the Garmin 205 GPS watch. It doesn’t have the heart rate monitor, but I can definitely relate to how nice it is to be able to track your performance, note speed and pace while you’re running/biking and later on download it all to your computer (and upload it if you want to their web service to compare with others in your area).

    I run by myself, and I can set my watch up to pace me against my fastest runs so that I can push myself to go just a little faster or farther than I did the time before. (although now almost 20 years out of high school, there’s no way I’m getting back down to sub 6 minute miles #:o).

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