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Teacher impacts

Vladimir, my husband, got reconnected with a lot of people through the russian version of the classmates website. So I tried our English version and was pretty disappointed. Not surprising since I went to three high schools and never got the chance to really connect well with anyone. In particular, though, I wanted to find my best friend through the end of elementary school and junior high, who moved away in 9th grade. I was never very good at correspondance and lost touch with her, since her dad’s job had her moving around quite a bit.

Before I was married, I used to be Ami Fullmer. Just in case anyone wants to google my name.

I did find out that one of my favorite teachers died.

I never did have him in high school. I was going to have him my Junior year, but instead had him for a college chemistry course I took between my junior and senior years. Just to brag up the geekiness, it was Transition Chemistry, and I loved it. 

Mr. Smith already knew me from the group I hung out with my sophmore year. We called him Smitty.    

Because of the moving, and the being socially backwards, I didn’t have a lot of friends. For some time, I had tried somewhat unsuccessfully to fit in, somewhere. It didn’t work so well. At the time I had a lot of self esteem issues and the moving around made things difficult. Frankly, I was a bit frustrated trying to figure people out. But I started realizing some things. So during a conversation after lecture I told Smitty that I didn’t care what anyone thought of me. I thought he’d be proud, that I’d removed my self worth from the judgement of others. Then he asked me, “Not even your parents and your teachers?”

It was one of those “Well, obviously that” moments, but it stuck with me. Made me think. There are people that cared about me, and and that I might admire. What they thought of me was to my benefit, and could be used as a guidepost for my development. 

That conversation hit me deeper than anything I ever learned from him about Chemistry. He probably doesn’t mind.

I suspect that is one reason, besides his great lectures, that a lot of students loved him. He really connected with the us. He was one of those people who could be used as a guidepost.

There was another teacher, my sixth grade teacher Mrs. “O”.  But she’s worth her own post.

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