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And now for something stupid

Apple makes really poor software. The Itunes software, at it’s best is just a portal so you think that Itunes is the only place you can legally download songs for your ipod. And they do make it easy. That part, they’ve got down.

Once you actually want to organize those songs, good luck. Also, if I accidently leave it on it won’t let my computer hibernate.

The program that crashes the most? Quicktime. When it is ‘working’ it can’t configure it’s window by itself to fit on my screen. I can’t use the controls or change the size of it until I make it half screen. Why? Because it’s controls are taking up 1/5 of the height, with pretty skin, and sink not only below the toolbar but below the reach of my screen. This software doesn’t allow me to change this skin. Also, they show my lots of buttons with the word “PRO” on it, to show I can’t use them until I purchase a higher version of Quicktime. So everytime I open this I get “Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah.”

Both pieces of software use proprietory files that only their buggy software can open.

These two pieces of software are also high maintenance, asking for upgrades on a near weekly basis. I usually ignore them. It has never improved, and sometimes made worse, their performance. The last time I let it happen was when Itunes turned into an even more evil “buy more songs” piece of adware that I’m forced to use with the ipod. When that ipod stops working we won’t be replacing it with an ipod. The rest of the family has Sansa MP3 players that are just as compatible with Audible have more space, and an FM reciever to boot.

Oh, you say it would work better with a Mac? What you’re really saying is that Apple programmers are too stupid/lazy/or limited by their supervisors to make software work well in a windows environment, something that most companies seem to accomplish well and with far more complicated applications. Quicktime even crashes Firefox. Wow.

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  1. I don’t have to update iTunes that often and I am using it on a PC. Same thing for Quicktime. It had not been a bit buggy for us. I do wish that it was easier to do a few things on my iPod as far as music organization goes but I love it otherwise.

  2. You’re tempting me to send you a Zune #:o). The Sansa isn’t a bad choice though. Sandisk makes some good players, with the added bonus in some models of being to slip in a memory card to increase memory and swap out different libraries. That said, the Zune design and UI is better and it has FM receiver too (which is good for the gym), but it doesn’t have audible support yet.

    I never bought into the Apple iThis, iThat thing, even before I started my current job. I’ve always had Creative (smart team, been in the business a long time and had better features, quality) or other players (the original PMP300 that was the first MP3 player in North America was another good one) that weren’t developed for the lowest common denominator customer…dumb it down too much and it’s just a pretty, vacuous product.

  3. Awesome Mom,

    I admit, I probably exaggerated about how much Quicktime and Itunes asks for an update. But for the record, it is pretty often.

    Quicktime never really gave me problems until I tried using it to view tutorials that other people have filmed and put on disk. The application crashes when trying to access it through the menu on the disk. This is why we refuse to use the format for geekatplay tutorials. It has also stopped working well in our browsers since the last update. So perhaps you’ve been protected, Awesome Mom :).

    I think I can honestly say that an apple software update has never improved the software from the user POV.


    Vlad got the ipod for free as part of the audible subscription he gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. In this case, the introduction has not inspired us to purchase more. However, I will say one thing for the Ipod. It can fly 20 feet, land on pavement (with it’s little leather cover), and be perfectly fine. Not sure how I managed that, but you might remember that I’m particularly talented at being clumsy.

    The funny thing is, I didn’t really start to disdain Apple until their commercials comparing PCs and Apples. (Apple “cute” guy vs PC chubby, bald, with glasses guy) Rather poor marketing, unless they were seeking only to keep their current customer base.

  4. My daughter just informed me that she’s abandoned iTunes for Winamp. Apparently works great with her iPod, and doesn’t force her to use music from Apple download sites, is easier to use, etc.

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