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And today I spent over an hour shoveling snow

Of course, I wired myself up so I could count it as a workout. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this hour was the second time the snow had to be shovelled today. Vlad did it the first time before he left. 

I’m in an odd place right now. It’s an exciting place, but a bit frustrating.

Geekatplay is becoming really successful, and I’m more a part of it than I ever thought I would be. In fact, it’s success at least partially hinges on my contribution, and I’m not just talking about “being a supportive wife”. When, because of Vladimir’s english, we chose to have me narrate we didn’t realize the impact it would have.

First of all, our audience loves having a female voice. We have just released another series with our partner’s wife narrating, and it is getting well received too.

Second, it turned out that the best way for me to narrate tutorials that Vlad has already recorded is to transcribe it. I’m not going to go into details, trade secret and all that, but the process makes our product high quality.

I completed a beginners series on my own, and though the transcription process didn’t happen, a lot of planning and research went into it.  

And third, I now know this program, Vue, really well. I got a few ideas of my own. So now I initiated production of a new tutorial series, with a branch series, that I will be doing. On my own.  

This is fun. I’m good at doing it. So what is wrong?

I want to write. You know. Like my eye book, or the short story, and the novel. Oh… wow. So many words in my head and some of them written out that I want to fling out into the world.

Remember, I also have a cute, genius toddler. And my 10 year old social butterfly, my 13 year old overachiever, and my 15 year old budding animator/filmaker. Schools too far to walk, and no busses to take them.

It isn’t just time. It’s emotional and creative energy. Only so much to go around, you know? 

But I can’t just drop my responsibility with Geekatplay. First of all, Geekatplay could lead to Vlad working from home all the time. Which could lead to more time for me to write.

And I can’t drop my writing. And I can’t stop being a mom.

And I can’t stop being a perfectionist with those things.

Of course, the house is a mess.

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  1. If the short story I read the other day of yours is any indication, you definitely should be writing! I hope the rest of life doesn’t overwhelm you to the point of squashing all of your creative energy. Good luck.

    I shoveled a good deal of snow yesterday as well. I actually enjoy it — a good time to reflect, and keeps me from being a total slug in the winter. :^)

  2. Thanks Rich 🙂

    It really rocks to hear from an audience that got to know me first by reading a story I wrote.

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