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Writer’s High

You know how when kids are around 5 years old, and something they’re excited about is going on, they want to tell everyone? The neighbor, the cashier, the stranger across the street…

Well, I’m in that place now. I want to walk around and tell everyone:

I finished the story. I finished it! I got the end, the end that eluded me for a month!

I thought I had skipped my workout today to do this, but I think the jumping around may have been a good substitute.

I’m telling you, this kind of a thing is almost better than being published. Why? Because no matter what anyone else thinks, I did the work. I accomplished the task of using words, relating details, creating characters, ideas, problems, difficulties, and then bringing it all together to make a story. A new story exists in the world, now.

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  1. yay!!! when do we get to read it???

  2. Excellent. When do we get to see it?

  3. Thanks guys. 

    First I need to edit it. Then it goes through a critique group. Then I edit again. Then I need to get it published.

    Unforunately, I can’t just send it out to everyone or post it on my website. That amounts to publication, and makes me unable to publish it professionally.

    My first market will be Writers of the Future contest, because they only publish new authors, have the best ‘pay’ for publishing, and if I win they’ll fly me in to an all expenses paid writer’s workshop/awards ceremony.

    Not only that, it’s great name exposure.

    It’s easily the best thing going for new authors in this business.

    Hearing back from them takes 3-4 months. They have about 2000 entries per quarter. My first entry didn’t make the winners, but was a ‘semi-finalist’, in the top 1%. I haven’t heard about my latest, second entry.

    Then the pro magazines take from 1 week to 2 months to respond. Semi pros average a little longer.

    But rest assured, anyone on this blog will know as soon as the story get’s accepted. I have a few others much farther along the pipeline than this one.

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