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Run through the cold, clear morning

This morning, when I looked out the window there was some quality about the sunshine that said “Get out here and run!”

It was still below freezing, so I slathered on the moisturizer and layered up the clothing. Couldn’t find a hat, so I folded a fleece scarf in half, wrapped it around and tied it in back. Probably looked dorky. But I was gonna run.

Hooked on all the gadgets. Put my shades on and stepped outside.

I started running down the road. I’d decided to use the track at the park, but it hadn’t been shovelled as well as I thought. A good portion was icy. So I just kept running on the road, on a route I’ve always enjoyed. The last time I ran it, it dead ended and I had to turn around.

Now it goes all the way through. There is a huge hill after the previous dead end, and it runs right in front of the new temple being built. Okay, I thought. I’ll run up the hill. 

I knew the view would be good. I didn’t know how good. What a rush!

The air was completely clear. I could see things 50 miles away. Mountains stretched across from north to south, glorious and powerful. The cities, young and small at their ancient feet, were covered in the same white snow as the ancient mountains that protected them. White and clean and pure, all if it, in view of the temple.

And then I ran home.

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