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President Hinckley passes on

My sister just emailed me. I hadn’t watched the news in the last two hours, and so I ‘missed’ the report of the death of the prophet. I don’t think we could classify this event as sad. It is simply a time of change. As David G. from the Juvenile Instructor said, “The prophet is dead. Long live the prophet.” 

When a person is 97 years old, lived a life of love and kindness, has been able to work to his last days, and died in his own bed with his family surrounding him – that is a good end. He served God well, and now God has him.

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  1. Well I am sad, but sad for selfish reasons. I will miss his talks in conference. They were what I looked forward to the most. I am happy that he will be reunited with his wife.

  2. That certainly is something I’ll miss too. I loved his talks.

  3. I’ll miss those kind, good eyes. The cane he waved about in greeting and used in teasing. The powerful testimony of truth. It is said in the scriptures, “by their fruits shall ye know them”. When one stops to ponder the fruits of President Hinckley…need I say more?

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