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It just keeps snowing and snowing and…

We’ve been average about two to three storms a week the last few weeks. The one today has been the biggest one yet. We have 18 inches of snow on our patio. We shovelled our walks and driveway (four cars wide) twice. A neighbor with a snow blower came to help the first time. Then we helped him shovel his driveway a second time. When there are huge accumlations of snow, you’re beating yourself up to try to wait until it stops and you have to shovel the full 18 inches.

The question now is, can we drive on the road?

While shovelling, we saw some kid try to drive down the road in his little car (when we aren’t sure if we should take our big 4×4 out) He was literally plowing the snow, but of course soon got stuck and had to be dug out. He turned around and went home.

It’s supposed to snow more tomorrow. And tuesday.

I wonder what will happen this spring? As much as I want it to get warmer, hopefully we don’t have a quick thaw.

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  1. We’ve been getting a lot of snow in Caldwell (Idaho) as well, as a matter of fact we are about 4 inches above normal. Problem is, there has been a drought for about 18 years so no one is used to it! A big change from Washington, though that is for sure! I remember the days of walking to school with snow almost up to our knees…or am I just remembering it that way? But seriously, I remember the massive hills of snow on the side of the road from the snow plows…dirty, gray snow, but oh so fun to climb! I have missed the snow for the past 12 years I have been away from it (except for the occassional snow fall in Oregon or Washington). I love the blanket of white covering the valley, it’s so beautiful. But, all would be perfect if it snowed everywhere except the sidewalks and roads!

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