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Writers of the Future

Last night, I got a call. My husband answered it and gave the phone to me with a look that said, “I have no idea who this is.”

It turned out that the story I submitted there last quarter has just been made honorable mention! Yay! 

And now, because they have an awesome blog that I shall pay attention to now, my name gets made public! I’m not sure which is more useful, public knowledge of my name or the critique I recieved last time.

This is not quite as good as where the story formerly known as “Quantum Genesis” (Now titled “And They Shall Be as Gods”) was placed but that is okay. I could have already told you that “They Shall Be” is the better story. Even better now for the input I recieved from Writers of the Future with the critique they gave me.

So now it’s time to get off my flake and send in the one I was going to submit this quarter.

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  1. Wonderful!!! What is the name of your story? Will it be published in the WOTF book?

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