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Before there were internet romances…

there was the bus. 

I was talking to my city bus riding daughter yesterday about men on the bus. She has an admirer that is too old for her. She is a nice girl, and we’re trying to figure out a way to nicely but firmly tell this guy she isn’t interested.

Her incident reminded me of my “romantic” adventures on the bus during my school years.

One incident in particular was quite memorable. It happened when I was going back to college after winter break on a bus.

There was a guy going back to base after he had been on leave. He approached me and started talking to me, and I was polite. He really wasn’t my type, but I didn’t want to be rude. The conversation turned to whether I was available or not. No, I had a boyfriend just starting his mission. But this didn’t seem to stop him. He kept on talking to me, and in the back of my mind I felt like he was trying any angle to keep on talking to me, so I talked about the church. This would kill two birds with one stone: missionary work and the clear message that I was a church girl which would hopefully, and kindly, turn his interest away from me. This went on for a couple of hours until my stop came. He did accept a Book of Mormon through the mail from me, though.

As I was getting off, another man approached me. This was a guy older than me, and he explained how impressed he was. He wanted to tell more about what he thought, but he was staying on and there was no time. So could he do it in a letter? Okay. Sure.

About a week later, in my mail I recieved a typewritten letter. Even the addresses on the envelope was typed.

I was a true daughter of Abraham, a Queen in Zion, and so on. Then he talked about his four children, and that he needed help raising them.

Would I marry him?

I think I squeeked. Then I ran out of my room and showed it to my roomates, in a very unqueenly fashion. We laughed at the freaky notion, but I was still very glad that this guy lived far enough away from me that he could only send letters.

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  1. ami, that is hilarious.
    poor tasha!

  2. Rofl!!! Who says that geeky girls can’t get men. You were beating them off with sticks.

  3. It must run in the family, however my encounter with the older man happened on a park bench. I wrote about it in my blog. Mountain Man. lol It’s funny now, but it was terrifying then. You can have your sweet bus rider read about it.

    By the way… I love your squeak. It’s so Ami.

  4. Was I around then? Or did you just not tell me? Or is that memory lost along with a thousand others? Hmmm…but yeah, I do remember you beating off way more guys than I ever did and I was the social one. How’d that work? But you were never afraid to talk to anyone and I still like to sit in the back of the room and melt into the wall. But I sooooo love the story, and I can soooo visualize it 🙂

  5. No, it was my first year in college. I thought I told you about the letter. But I always wondered about that too because yeah… I’d always envied you for how many friends you had.

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