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What is good religion?

It’s always fun to meet people on the web, and someone I’ve met through his kind enthusiasm for my work is Rich. I recently checked his blog, and he has a posted a great chapter in the book he is co-authoring with is father, on what good religion is. 

Being of the same religion, we of course share some very similar beliefs about what constitutes Good Religion. But I have found that these kinds of things happen in every religion that is sincere about seeking truth.

A truthful observation of the world leads to understanding that can only lead to virtuous actions towards each other.

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  1. Ami,

    Thanks for visiting!
    So, as a novice writer, I’m to assume that “newsprint” is the target audience level to shoot for, generally speaking?

    Good to know. I’ll see if I can tone it down a bit when it actually makes it into the book.

    Thanks again for your most welcome constructive criticism!

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