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The nitty gritty work of it

I am sitting here wondering whether or not to move into another character’s point of view (a new chapter, all in that person’s POV) or not. There are just a whole lot of ways this would change the book, so my question to myself is will it make the book better or worse?

I have another similar question going on in my life. We thought that we had said no to this opportunity, but it has come back bigger. It involves moving our family to the east coast. The whole money part. Well, that is nice. But more important is what is best for our family. In two years will we be better in Utah or on the east coast? Hard to say. Hard, hard decision. We thought we’d made it.

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  1. Cannot hurt to try the differing POV. The moving? I’m staying out of that.

  2. I’ve always liked it when books change POV and change my perspective on an issue or character by showing that their motivations might not have been what I had assumed when I saw them from the outside.

    As for moving, I think Sarabeth actually did comment on both questions. #:o)

  3. Ah, the point of view question… if it’s well done it adds depth to a book. If it’s not well done, it just gets confusing. You could always write it from the other character’s point of view as an exercise. It would help develop that character in your own mind if nowhere else. Then you would know how he/she would act or react in any given situation. The answer is blowin in the wind…oops, 60’s backlash. lol You will have to come up with answer.

    As for the moving question; I hate to think of you moving so far away and taking my grandchildren with you. I don’t get to see them enough as it is. On the other hand, the opportunity is almost too good to pass up because it does have some great benefits for your family. You would be in area so rich with history and such a different culture than here that it would be a wonderful growing and learning experience for your whole family. It is a tough decision to make; but I have confidence in you and Vovka. It will all work out fine whatever you do.

  4. Moving???? What a decision! I have to agree there are many incredible opportunities to visit historical sites back east. But if you don’t do much of that now, you may not there either, so you have to weigh that out in your decision. I am like mom, we don’t see you enough as it is and it would be sad to see you go, but if that is best for your family, then we will be excited for you. Libby lives in Georgia and gets out here only about once every two years. Sigh. But you know, if that opportunity is there, there may be others out there to explore as well 🙂 Ok, that’s my two cents…you guys will make the right decision.

    I am reading a really good historical fiction series right now and it does change POV. At first it was confusing…since it is a series there are a lot of characters, some that remain constant throughout, some that come and go. Anyway, it started a little slow (one of the other reasons it started slow is the epilogue in each book is almost out of place…there are symbolic ties, but feels very random). I really love the series now and find that the changes in POV add to the story. I think this series could have done better had there been more clarity from the start.

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