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Chapter two: in which I contemplate the shape of our future

I can’t tell you very much about the interviews, because I wasn’t there except for lunch. After that, I was to meet a real estate agent at a local Chili’s restaurant. The lunch took a little longer than I thought, plus I passed the restaurant without seeing it, making myself fairly late. I felt bad for the guy, wondering if he thought I was blowing him off.

I fell in love immediately with the first one we saw. Approaching it I saw only trees, then we turned into a gravel road. Snuggled well back behind any view or sound of road was the house on almost 2 acres of land. The house had a great feel to it. Clearly it had been lived in by a family that did a lot of things together and were artistic. It felt like having a really nice cabin in the mountains.

The second house was nice, but nothing spectacular about it except its well done fireplace and a nice screened porch.

The third house I also fell in love with, especially with the book shelves built in all over. There was a studio/office brick building several yards off from it and a fantastic gazebo. It would have been a really good fit for us, except for the lake (which would otherwise make the house extremely desirable). 3 yr old has no fear of water and will push an adult off him to go into the deeper water. He isn’t afraid of his head under water either. Thinking about it, I also decided I wasn’t sure if I wanted a writing place so isolated from the family. A few years ago I would have been very excited, but recent experience has helped me learn how to write with lots of interruptions.

 I lost track of time at this house, and left my cell phone in the car, so not only was I a bit late picking up Vladimir, he didn’t know what had happened to me. Yes. I had a bad day as far as reliability goes. We picked up Vladimir and drove back to where I left the rental car at Chili’s.

The interviews had gone well for Vladimir, but he was too tired to even think about it as was I. We managed to get ourselves to dinner (Japanese tempura). I wrote my Fiction Friday, and then we crashed into the bed.

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  1. I can’t wait until we go house hunting! It is fun seeing all the different ones out there. Good luck with the job ect.

  2. Looks like a good time to get your little one learning how to swim. He will probably be the next great Olympic star.

  3. Hey Awesome Mom. I love house hunting too. The possibilities are so fun to consider. 

    Hi Paula. Yeah. That is what we thought. We’ll be enrolling him in lessons as soon as we can.

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