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The first, but probably not the last “two for one”

Because I missed yesterday, you get TWO questions today.

Another exploration into lactation:

How did mammary glands evolve?


Do people see the exact same colors I see? I mean, if I got to see through their eyes and brain, would their blue be the same as mine?

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  1. Interesting question. By “see,” I assume you mean interpret. Let me explain. Blue is, at least in my mind, defined by its particular wavelength (~450nm, if I recall correctly). That’s definitive. So, as long as a photon with that wavelength is incident on a detector (in this case, a person’s eye), then they are seeing the exact same color that you would be. Of course, how their brain interprets that electrochemical reaction/response is entirely uncertain. No one would ever be able to tell, for sure.

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