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Chapter 3: in which we look at more houses then go home

Not much more to say, really. We did find out that an upscale subdivision is not in our future. Oh sure, we could swing it but do we really want to? No. With apologies to all those out there who live in such neighborhoods, I took a look at the immaculate yards, the opulent homes and decided I didn’t want to live amongst snobs where I’d be constantly required to worry about appearances.

The last house we saw was the first house I saw the day before, and there we decided that we wouldn’t do that one either. Schools and crime rate and too much to fix up. If we’re going to fix up, then we might as well be patient and find the perfect place.



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  1. Yeah I could never live in a a place like that either. I don’t want to feel pressured to have my yard a certain way. I love messy and crazy yards. Plus I am sure that they would not let me have the farm animals that I aspire to having.

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