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Deep deep apologies for the lack of a Fiction Friday yesterday. I got caught up in the cleaning job and didn’t realize until my head hit the pillow after midnight that I had, after all, neglected the Fiction Friday. I have just done a bit of world building to understand what will go on in the conversation I will write, and have it for you very soon.

Part of me feels silly for writing this. Most of my audience will see both posts simultaneously so this one won’t matter. But I still feel urged to show you the process a little bit, especially when I’m making excuses.  

But back to the process: As I mentioned before, I found a lot of my writing on Thursday. Yesterday I organized it well and was happy to find quite a bit of previous world building I’d actually written down for this novel before 3 yr old was born. It won’t all mesh with what I’ve got now, but a lot of it may build upon gaps I have right now. What a discovery! I’m looking forward to going over it in depth when the house is finished.


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