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Fundamental creation

Michael Heller will be awarded the Templeton prize, which is given for “progress towards research or discoveries about spiritual realities”, for his life’s work pursuing the ultimate cause. Reading his statement at the announcement of the prize, I find a kindred spirit:

“…I am interested in too many things. 

Amongst my numerous fascinations, two have most imposed themselves and proven more time resistant than others: science and religion.”

For quite a while now I’ve thought of evolution, chance, etc as simply another amazing facet in God’s creations that is an important part of a universe in which we can actually exercise our agency. So I really loved this quote and the paragraph after:

“Like in any masterly symphony, elements of chance and necessity are interwoven with each other and together span the structure of the whole. Elements of necessity determine the pattern of possibilities and dynamical paths of becoming, but they leave enough room for chancy events to make this becoming rich and individual.

…Within the all-comprising Mind of God what we call chance and random events is well composed into the symphony of creation.”

His whole statement is full of that kind of wonderful insight. Go take a look at it.

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  1. Sounds like a kindred spirit to me, too.

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