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Perhaps she’ll die

I swallowed a fly this morning.

Things that went through my head: Gah! get it out, get it out! Too late. Now it’s going to die, struggling in the acid of my stomach. Hey, I got a calorie while running. There are those 200 calorie gel packs that some people take while running really long distances, but I’m not running that long. I wonder just how many calories was that fly? Probably a fraction of one. The energy those flies take in and burn is miniscule compared to me, but how many calories would a mass of flies equal to my weight metabolize? A lot more. But how much? First, we’d have to measure me. Then we’d have to stick all the flies in a chamber and measure them. (imagine’s Ami shaped mass of flies, but couldn’t mush them up to really equal my mass or they’d die) Or just measure one fly and add it all up.

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  1. Ugh! I am glad you can be silly about it, but I guess the alternative to that would be making yourself throw up in disgust.

  2. I think that flies, as other insects, are very fatty. But they are very good source of protein. 😉

  3. Oops! I mean, they are NOT fatty, of course.

  4. Awesome Mom,

    After four kids and their antics, swallowing a poor little fly can’t possibly disgust me.


    Hi! Nice to meet you. I didn’t think of the protein I got! A few more muscle cells improved on thanks to the fly 🙂

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