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Just a bit of thinking

As I sit here thinking of what to write, and what not to write because this is my professional face, after all, it occurs to me to spin things really hard in one direction. I backed away from that pretty quickly. That leans too close to trying to look to the world like something I’m not. I’m in one of those moods where I don’t really have a lot I want the whole world to know. Not that it is anything really bad, just that it is my life. I’m not one of my stories for other people to be an audience to. And yet, aren’t we all exactly that? Stories that other people read?

I was thinking about a conversation with someone, the little bits about their life that they mentioned, and the story I built around those things. I do that kind of thing a lot, and sometimes just a visual of someone or something will start me off. Where were they before that moment? Where are they going now? Are they happy? Sad? What do they want?

There is too much sadness in this world.

What we call being mentally healthy is an ability to filter out all the bad stuff and feel generally good anyway. We have to, or else we can’t help. Because we really can’t fix it all. It is only possible to work on bits and pieces. If we let the rest overwhelm us, then we can’t do what is possible for us.

Of course the world isn’t all bad. A lot of happy, wonderful things happen.

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  1. I completely understand how you feel. Completely.

    This was a wonderful post. A bright, unexpected flash of deeper-truth in an otherwise humdrum Monday.

    Thank you.


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