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Lost respect

I have to say that Lance Armstrong used to be a minor hero of mine. But the recent ads for an energy supplement that have been popping up everywhere and are now spamming my inbox has made me lose a lot of respect. Well, is failure in marriage was also a flaw. But now I question his integrity as well, which of course brings into doubt his claims of not using enhancers during his racing.

Live Strong is a great attitude for life and overcoming illness or even living to the end, but he has marred even that by aligning this organization with the energy supplement one through wearing the Live Strong logos in the ads. I fear this may act as encouragement for alternative medicinesnake oil men taking advantage of the desperate in the treatment of cancer.

These recent actions speak more of “Live for Me and Damn Anybody Else” than any ideal he previously stood for.

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  1. I know what you mean.

    Since the energy drink he’s promoting was allegedly developed to help cancer patients combat fatigue, I wanted to give him a pass. Until I read the literature about it, focusing on how their key ingredient (quercetin)’s energy boost was so much more natural, healthy, and consistent than what you can get from caffeine. And then buried on the website is the other key ingredient: 48mg of caffeine.


  2. I think we need to be careful passing judgement on someone. Do we really know what his intentions are? And why take it from this to thinking he used enhancers when racing? I guess all I am saying is when we don’t know all of the facts, we need to be careful passing judgement…It’s so easy to do. And if someone that has cancer wants to take it for an energy boost, is there really any harm in that? What’s the difference between that and taking a pill to help with fatigue? All I am saying is you are being pretty tough on the guy (Damn anyone else?)…I suppose I can say all of this because, while I respected his cycling success and beating cancer, he’s just never been a hero to me…not anymore than anyone else that has worked hard to find success. And he has done a lot for this world…

  3. I’m not worried about FRS energy, or that someone might take for an energy boost, except that it is making claims it cannot back up. It has no health benefits, and yet is claiming that it is healthy. It is claiming special antioxidants that are extra powerful.

    People who believe this kind of hype are at risk for believing in alternative medicine scams that will drain their money without actually helping them. And if they do it to the exclusion of real medicine they’re health will be at risk.

    I’ve seen the other side of advertising, and I’ve seen it involved with the supplement industry. Many were the clients of a company Vlad worked for once. These companies are not out for your best interests. Many of them know it is bogus and are just after a profit.

    Lance Armstrong is either gullible or in on it. The fact of the matter is that he is making a public statement, one that encourages you to spend money on a product that is questionable.

    On a private level, I agree that we should not pass judgement on a person. We can’t know if they’re right with God or not. Maybe I went too far with “Damn anyone else”. But public actions must be spoken against when they could be harmful.

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