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Barack Obama wants my vision

At least that is what his website says. Being a writer, and the wife of someone who has worked in advertising or the marketing departments of companies, I’m always skeptical about these kinds of things. I wonder what he will actually do with the advice from millions of people.

Anyway, here is what I said, kept it to 300 words and just a few issues because if anyone ever does read it, they’ll do it in the context of having read hundreds with hundreds more to go. I can see the eyes glazing over already. Cheers to those brave souls.


I’m a writer and the wife of an immigrant who is a computer graphics artist.

We have a small business that we hope to make a living at. We’ve built it through our very hard work and creativity. My husband still has to work a full time job programming on top of this. I hope that the economy is friendly towards small community minded businesses like ours.

We need a balance between regulation and the free market.

Regulation is needed with mortgage companies, who were happy to sell loans to people who couldn’t afford them. It is needed with health insurance companies who are posting more profits than ever, don’t have standardized paperwork, and have reduced reimbursements and increased premiums.

I do want health care for all, but I worry about our health care workers being marginalized, and this in turn leading to worse healthcare for patients. I really don’t want doctors worrying about their finances when they should be focused on patients.

We also need to not be selfish, as Americans. We can’t just say the war is finished in Iraq, and it be true. If we leave, we’ll let hundreds of thousands of people come under the rule of violent warlords. I want us to remain committed to rebuilding Iraq and stabilizing the region.

I want us to be a beacon of hope for the women of the Middle East and Africa. These women have struggled under years of oppression, of being denied education. We haven’t won yet until every woman knows she has the power to be in control of her life.

Let’s encourage Americans and others to build free schools in places where free education is not yet available. The more we lift up the world, the better the economy will be for EVERYONE.

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