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Twilight movie

Every once in a while, I do something a little insane like watching a midnight showing. Last night was probably my last venture in this, due in part that I really am getting too old to live on two hours of sleep and that this sacrifice was met with disappointment.

The company was great. I went with a friend of mine and our daughters.

The first thing that turned me off was the voice over narration in the beginning and towards the end. It was completely unnecessary. You could leave the movie as is, eliminate the voice over and not miss a single thing.

This film clearly had a low budget, of which the most unforgivable affect was the background music. It sounded canned and often overly sweet when Bella and Edward shared screen time, as if trying to make up for the next big problem, which is the most devastating of all.

If you haven’t read the book, then go no further.

This was more of a visual tour of the book than a good translation from book to film, with the unfortunate exception of leaving out the scene where Bella and Edward spend an afternoon together at school. We don’t need to see them talking, but shots of them smiling and laughing, waiting for each other before class that first afternoon before he saves her would have gone a long way in establishing the relationship. Otherwise, the love seemed to go from obsession with an annoying snob to “I love you no matter what”. Nuances in the book were lost because questions and thoughts in Bella’s head were reduced to intense gazing that were difficult to classify.

The screenwriter should have come from an angle that no one in the world had ever read the story. Leaving behind the 1st person POV of Bella might have let them establish more conflict as we saw Edward struggle with what was really going on with him, rather than him just seeming a bit creepy at times. (though I can see other ways around this) The love of the two characters shouldn’t have been assumed, but should have been developed.

The fact of the matter is that storytelling in movies and storytelling in books are different arts, requiring different skills. This was clearly evident in the Twilight movie.

On a more positive note, the actors did decent job (Robert Patterson, Edward, overacted a bit at times, but I blame that on the director.) and the location was breathtaking.

I hope they try it again. I hope they get another director, screenwriter, and better music.

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  1. I actually enjoyed the movie, and thought it a huge improvement over what I considered a very poorly written story (in spite of some good ideas).

  2. I’m not going to argue against poorly written. I think that’s true. But the story itself is very good. And we will all forgive bad writing if the story is good. Plus, there are plenty who likely don’t recognize bad writing, if they don’t read much, and just plain liked the story.

    The story of how she came to write it is interesting all by itself, and makes you go Ah! That’s why.

    Her writing improved with each book. And I think my favorite so far of her stuff is actually Host.

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