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Social thoughts

Something happened in the store Saturday with some individuals who’d been stressed out, gotten angry at each other.

My first reaction was to go home and tell my husband about the situation in detail. And then on the way back I started to wonder why. Why did I feel like recounting how these two had acted? What did I think to accomplish with this?

Is it gossip when they are strangers? I think it is, now. So what if the reputation is of anonymous people. The purpose, on some analysis, had been to elevate myself above them. The result would have been a little more negativity in the world.

It is sometimes these little kinds of decisions that build up, create the place we live. We can be joyful, productive, creative, without putting others down no matter how others have acted.

I say this wondering how I have behaved in this way in the past.

I have pointed out things I think are wrong. Sometimes I’ve been irritated or angry, but a great deal of my reason is because people are publicly acting in ways that I feel can harm other people. While I think it is still important to point out things that I think are scams or untruthful, I need to rid myself of irritation and anger. It serves little purpose other than to perpetuate itself.

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